Our story

Here’s is what we would like you to know about us:

Since being founded in 2009, we've renovated 682 bathrooms, 416 kitchens, 42 basements and built a small rabbit hutch for our children. 

We've made our clients happy and have the testimonials to prove it!  In fact many of these have come back to us, with their family and friends to have us give them a home to love again.  On top of those feats, we have won 4 Houzz.com awards, have an A+ rating with the BBB and continue to be a member of the GVHBA.  Through all this, we have still managed to squeeze in 22 days vacation.

Here’s is who we would like you to know:

Shelly Patterson

Interior Designer and co-founder of Pro-Pack: 

When we meet people for the first time and tell them what we do, they normally react in two ways.

The first is: “That’s so cool, I’d love to restore houses!”

The second, and much more common reaction is: “You’re married? How on earth do you manage to work together too?”

This question always makes us smile. “It’s simple really”, I tell them. “I'm an interior designer and Mike is a construction manager, so we have the best of both worlds. And any creative differences at work soon get sorted out, because we trust each other. It actually works really well.”

You see, trust is something that defines our business. Years ago, when we were working together for another company we realised there was a better way of doing business – one that puts the people, rather than the money, at the heart of it.

This is why we started Pro-Pack – because we wanted to be able to create the kinds of homes that people dream of, without them having to worry about trusting their contractor. 

It’s also why we've been successful. People love our passion – and our design work – because they know they’re getting great interiors advice, quality craftsmanship and the kind of experience that they expect.

I love my work. Seeing happy clients and completed projects is what drives me. If you want to know our secret, it’s really the same as my design philosophy: keep it simple, craft it beautifully and make people happy.

Mike Patterson

General Contractor and co-founder of Pro-Pack: 

While Shelly is the creative one in this partnership, I like to think that I'm the guy that get to make it happen! You see, while she’s being all creative and coming up with amazing ideas, I work with the products that will be the best for the home.

You’ll meet many contractors who only get the job done. The Pro-Pack difference is that we believe in doing it properly. Sure, we could get away with a patch up job or cover up things that have been done wrong in the past. But what’s the point of that?

You’ll only end up with problems down the line.

Caring about people and where they live, and doing the job right means we've built our business on integrity and accountability. People come to us not only because they love what we do, but because they love how we do it. I'm really proud of that.

As Shelly says, people are at the heart of our business. And that’s the way it will always be – no matter if we’re creating a magnificent kitchen or a bathroom that feels like a luxury spa, we will always put our customers first.

In this business, honesty will always stand out. 

My team and I guarantee that you will work with people you can trust, who will always do their very best work for you and that we will leave your home and lives better for having known us.

Want to see us in action? Give us a call at 604 850 0056. We would be happy to meet you and give you a free estimate for your renovation.

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