Cozy Up for Fall - 5 new trends in Home Design

With the cool nights and warm days that have arrived, autumn is officially here. Changes in wardrobe, pulling out that favourite sweater and boots, cleaning up the yard and putting away the deck chairs all signify much cooler days are coming. Finding the right home decor accents that says cozy without adding significant costs are easy to do if you know the trends.


This season for maximum impact and warmth to your home add the colour burgundy. Yes, if you are like me who has seen this colour before, don't panic, this burgundy is all about adding it in texture and decor pieces rather than painting a whole room in it. If committed this colour added to walls such Benjamin Moore Classic Burgundy creates a feeling of warmth and aristocratic style to any room. It pairs well when used in accents with warm tone woods, purple and blue greys and warm metals which creates a luxurious and comforting space. If not ready to commit to painting a whole room in this new trend colour burgundy just yet, add this rich colour jewel toned colour in accents that perfectly says Autumn has arrived.

Bring on cozy with natural and simple planters full of rich green foliage, brown twigs and rich jewel tone flowers. Here's where living in the West Coast works perfectly into saving costs when decorating your home. Local quality growers offer at this time many perfect cut flowers and potted plants to choose from. With our fall and autumn season lasting well into late Oct early Nov, the impact enjoyed for many month long before and past Canadian Thanksgiving. 

Enjoy Vintage Edison bulbs to bring the feeling of warmth to cozy areas of your home. While the bulbs have been around for a few years now, the cost and selection in Canada still is to be desired. Local Box stores are getting better in bringing in stock that is more cost effective but as any trend, supply in demand makes the cost average of $10 dollars a bulb seem a bit outrageous. That said, the effect of a vintage bulb used in a glass globe single or multi stringed light fixture add instant cozy. Try one besides a book case and a favourite chair, bedroom lighting or even bathroom vanity lighting if ample LED pot lights are also incorporated in the design. 

Simple whites and neutral interiors still stay on trend for Fall 2016. Grey blues and grey purples add the right amount of contrast along with black accents and rustic wood everything. Keeping with this trend, keeping the fall decor simple yet with a playful interest is important. Pumpkins still bring a organic and thoughtful touch. Using trend textures carvings such as chevron pattern and basket weave give extra points for knowing and using trend textures. 

Big accent weaves in natural cotton and wool. Macrame has had a new comeback as all good design elements do. New ways again of using this timeless art is to add wall hangings and live plant hangers. If not a green thumb, realistic green artificial hanging plants add to a kitchen, den or living room give simple beauty and texture. Large wall features and chairs are other ways to add macrame touches to cozy up your home for fall. Transcending fall and winter and onto spring this design element will make a beach theme come alive also.