Simplify Your Christmas

Taking Time to Breathe

Already I can hear them; all those well-known and cherished songs that signal the holiday season.  I mostly catch them as I grab my groceries or when I’m out in my car.  No, I don’t turn off the festive tunes right away, but listening to them in November makes the odds of listening to them all the way to December 25th nearly impossible.

This year, the Christmas tunes started as soon as we blew out the candles in our Jack-o-Lanterns.  It seems that the jump from season to season is happening faster every year. I always think that I’m ready for it, but before I know it, everyone will be in full blown holiday season mode.  The parties and the shopping, the baking of cookies and pies - or if you’re more like me, the purchasing of the baking - will be done every day.  

I was raised to find this to be the season for hope, happiness and goodwill to all men.  For many, it has become a season of stress and confusion.   So when the season becomes overwhelming, take a moment to think about yourself and what this season is for you; not everyone around you.   Now is the time to say no to those things that make the sane people act crazy.  Planning the get-togethers, buying all the presents, committing to the fund raisers and the time with friends; these are all beautiful things that can drain you to the point of not enjoying the season at all.   We have all seen it happen too many times.  

I have found that my journey and my focus is to balance my desire for perfect with the outcome of nice.  Sharing simple meals with friends, taking the time to sip cocoa or have a cup of steaming tea by the lights of my Christmas tree must have their time.  Seeing family and truly being able to appreciate that time is very important as well.  Decorating for fun – and because it’s what I love -  and not because I feel I have to. 

Your plans will look different than mine, I am sure.  Whatever they are, I wish you a very nice holiday season.  May it be a full season with less stress, more happy memories to add to your collection and, of course, some time to breathe. 


Shelly Patterson

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