Kitchen Makeover VS. Do-Over

Many of you have probably asked yourself this question: “Should I completely renovate my kitchen or just give it a good facelift?” And while the answer solely depends on your budget and the state of your kitchen, we at Pro-Pack are able and very happy to help you in either situation.

Ultimately, your kitchen should reflect who you are and how you live, so focus on what’s important to you, and don’t let your priorities be influenced by current trends. Yes, it would be lovely to install top-of-the-range countertops, BUT perhaps your family needs more storage space, and in that case you should allocate your budget accordingly. In other words, think about how you use the kitchen, and put your money there.

We will have you know that a kitchen update doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, the average cost of a kitchen facelift done by Pro-Pack ranges between 15k and 25k, depending on the components and the size of your kitchen; a fraction of the price in comparison with the average complete renovation cost ranging between 32K and 46K. In terms of time for a kitchen facelift, we take 3 to 4 weeks (if the cabinets are to be resprayed). A full renovation takes between 4 to 9 weeks, depending on the size of the kitchen and required components.

Below are our budget-saving ideas to refresh your kitchen and start loving it again.

Wall Paint

Wall paint will play a huge role in the overall feel of your kitchen. To make your kitchen look airy and enlarged, always use light colours. Stick to neutral tones like whites, beiges, greys – the lighter the colour, the better. Neutral tones will compliment your cabinetry and décor without overpowering the look and feel of your kitchen.


Accent Shelving

Create your own accent shelving by removing a set of cabinet doors to create an open shelf space and airy feel in your kitchen – feel free to paint the back wall of the shelf with an accent colour that compliments the colour of your cabinetry. Alternatively, you can order additional cabinets, like the one below, that add that extra space and further personalize your kitchen.


Cabinetry Paint

A new coat of cabinetry paint uplifts the entire room. When shopping for the paint, think about the likelihood of you loving the colour in the future. Here is a pro tip: use paint with a primer to reduce the number of coats you’ll need to cover the old paint. Also, consider a washable finish to make the cleaning of your cabinets easier. We are experts in painting cabinets without visible brush/roller strokes, since we spray on the paint for a flawless look and feel.

Crown Moulding

Do you want to upgrade your cookie-cutter cabinetry? Add on crown mouldings to uplift and elongate your cabinets to create a custom-made look. If you are painting your mouldings, feel free to use a different accent colour to personalize your cabinetry.



New hardware can really make a difference in uplifting your kitchen. Hardware to your cabinetry is as important as jewelry to your evening dress – pair them well and you have an amazing outfit.


Make your kitchen light, warm and inviting by illuminating dark corners and enhancing workspaces with lights installed above your kitchen island, dining area and underneath the top cabinets. Choose lights that match your hardware and the overall style of the kitchen. A glass chandelier will not look great in a farm-styled kitchen.


Faucets & Sinks

Install a new faucet, and you have an easy upgrade to your kitchen sink area. There are many different kinds available; from various retractable styles to the cool touch-free, the choice is yours. Here is a pro tip: make sure your get one that fits by checking the number of holes on the back of your current sink.

When it comes to kitchen facelifts by Pro-Pack, we always install a new sink. In most cases we install udermount granite or stainless steel sinks. Stainless steel double-bowl undermount sinks are the least expensive on the market these days. Composite granite sinks (with no Radon) are often used as well. Blanco is our preferred supplier, offering sinks in wide variety of colours and styles. The faucet in the picture below is supplied by Blanco. It’s a brand new design that can be matched by a granite sink of your preferred style.



Having a backsplash not only uplifts your kitchen’s look but it also adds a great functionality. Your wall will be well protected from all kinds of liquid splatters and spilling accidents. Also, it’s so much easier to scrub and maintain a backsplash than a painted wall. Make sure you go with a timeless backsplash and don’t succumb to trends. For instance, simple white subway tiles or natural stones will grow old with the kitchen and never become obsolete. Visit us in person and see/touch the products we carry – never solely rely on the Internet to make decisions.



Today’s options for countertops are more affordable and more aesthetically pleasing than ever before.  Whether you choose laminate, wood, stainless steel or quartz, you can find a finish that suits your style and budget. Please note that granite is not used in our designs as it’s a difficult product to work with. To select the right pattern, most clients had to see a whole slab at a remote warehouse and couldn’t pick from a small sample due to the variation in patterns. Radon is also a big concern as it’s a health risk.

Our favorite material for countertops is engineered quartz. There is a large selection ranging in price out there. Caesar Stone and Silestone are the two we use exclusively. Occasionally, we also use Firstone and TCE in our designs. Just like Pro-Pack, Caesar Stone and Silestone are both members of the GVHBA (Greater Vancouver Home Builder’s Association).


Pro-Pack’s Kitchen Makeover in Abbotsford

To give you a better idea of what Pro-Pack’s kitchen makeovers look like, check out this fantastic kitchen uplift in east Abbotsford, BC (before and after pictures below). We painted and added new cabinets, changed countertops and the backsplash, and added new lighting and decor.


·       New Quartz countertops

·       Added custom cabinets: wine rack and wine cooler to match

·       Wall and cabinetry paint

·       New backsplash

·       Under-mount sink and faucet

·       Fireplace surround tiled in the same as the backsplash

·       New lighting and decor

Voila, another happy customer is now excited to be cooking! Want to #lovewhereyoulive? Learn about our process and book your FREE consultation today!