10 years, Celebrating Better Together

Joing forces in 2009 seems like just the best thing to do. Its the best answer we can come up when Mike and I look over this journey. 2018 had been a crazy year as we watched the world economics switch from boom to lots of bust and our own country question its report card on lending and our local economy. We had both been working interdependent in the industry for years, flooring, interior design, home design merchandising, cabinet building. Our love for all things renovation and rebuilding had taken us to this point. The once thriving single aspects now were struggling to employ us and we needed to make a change. We wanted a business that did not have just one aspect of the rebuild in mind but all things, design through renovation included for client to choose options from or all of it as they so desired. That excited us. We had been renovating and rebuilding home that sold for better than the asking every time. We loved to make old things new, throwing our talents and training at every projects. The opportunity came when Shelly took on a huge contract requiring interior design, furnishing, flooring and contracting that required more than part time hours. We have never looked back since then.

Working together daily, didn’t factor that aspect in. We do have to be honest, we believe and know a thriving partnership is based on respect for individual talents. Our industry is flocked with issue of less than ethical, less than trained and less than idea situations. Controlling all the variability has been show to be our biggest stresser to our partnership and recognizing our strengths. We both are on the same page of getting projects done right but sometime we have to remember we are doing our best- even when there are not so desirable surprises arrive that we can not change it. I am talking about the correctly portrayed renovation surprises just like on HGTV and other programs like it. This is when these shows are correct in portraying problems that can arise, surprised when the demo exposed the mold or permits added delays. Renovations done in an hour? Well that’s not real but giving credit when credit is due.

We live a town that is all about business, community and family. Its a great community and we love our past ten year motto Love where you Live. The team has changed over the years. We have wished people well as they have moved away from this community or have decided renovation design was not their career of choice. That’s OK, we get that. It took us a province move, trying a few things out in our 20’s and 30’s to figure out what we were passionate about and what “stuck” in our careers. Our goal is to now is to encourage our team to do their very best and to find joy in providing services that will last. Working and living in the Fraser Valley has taught us to value the integrity of knowing we have done our best for our clients. We love running into- no not literally to clients at the grocery store, sporting events and also of course word of mouth referrals. Having a quick visit on the renovation and the results still being enjoyed years after.

Mike just asked me what I was writing..I said an overview of the last ten years. His commit is,”its about empowering people” So I end on this note. Nothing really else matters. We have done time in this industry figuring out the stresses and the successes. Now its time for our new motto and Better Together.