5 Tips on How to Streamline Your Home Renovation

Home renovations can be stressful. There are many moving parts and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the details you have to look after regardless of how big your renovation is. With full home renovations, the project is even more daunting because there are multiple areas being worked on at the same time. With these 5 tips, the tasks to complete a full home renovation will be much more streamlined and cause you less stress.

1 - Audit what you own

If you go through your belongings before you start renovating, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of things you have to move around during the project. Decide what you want to keep and what to throw by dividing your belongings into donate, save, sell, trash. Use a rule of thumb that if you think you won’t use the item after the renovation, get rid of it. If you’re renovating your ensuite closet, this would also be the perfect time to do some spring cleaning!

Identifying a storage solution

For the things you decide to keep you’ll be able to determine a way to store them. Will your toaster need a home in a cupboard rather than being on the counter? Do you need a type of vanity storage unit for the items in your bathroom? Design professionals make these questions a priority so that they know how to design the space to fit your needs. They’ll ask you the right questions, quiz you about what you want and give solutions that will work. Once you have an idea of what and how many items you have left, pack them up and store them in a space that isn’t being renovated to keep them out of the way.

2 - Use Up What You Have

If you've overly stocked on food or have lots of mini hotel shampoos leftover, try to use as much as possible before the renovation begins. That way you’ll have fewer items to organize during the renovation and after it’s completed - less stuff to start lets you organize your new space quicker!

3 - Upgrade Your Security Systems

It is inevitable that while your house is under renovations, many people are going to visit your home. They could be the designers, contractors, and delivery people. Consider installing a type of security system to ease your mind if you’re away from home. If you have any necessary documents, place them in a safe. If you're getting lots of foot traffic in your house, even a video doorbell will help track of who's coming and going.

4 - Organize Digitally

To make sure your full home renovation project goes smoothly, have a central place where you store all of the critical documents related to the project. This could be things like contracts, receipts, blueprints, drawings, installation guides etc. You can also organize your inspiration ideas in a photo folder or on Pinterest so you have a central access point to view photos of spaces that you like and ideas of what you’d like to do during your renovation project. Share your Pinterest boards with the designers working on your project so they can see what you like and find the best items to fit your personal taste!

5 - Create an Appliance Plan

One of the most significant inconveniences is not being able to use kitchen appliances while renovating a kitchen. During renovations, you may use a mini-fridge and an on-the-counter stove/oven while your main appliances may be unplugged, alternatively you can also move your fridge to the garage so it’s still functional and accessible. Who knows, maybe you’ll be using your BBQ on the deck instead! Protect your home by replacing old outlets with GFCI outlets. Finally, if a device needs proper ventilation to operate, store them away until they can be appropriately set up. 

Using these tips can help streamline the process of a full home renovation but hiring a home renovation contractor and design team would be the better solution. We’ll look after the little details of the project, making things less stressful for you! If you’re interested in working with us for your next home renovation project, review our testimonials and get in touch with us, we’d love to help make your home a space you love!