6 Common Factors That Can Delay Your Home Renovation

If you've planned to renovate your house, having a specific budget set aside and a date you’d want the project to be completed is important. Completion dates are good because it can give you a sense of urgency on what's needed to be done, forcing you to not let your project drag on for longer than it needs to. 

However, being on schedule for a home renovation is a little more complicated than you might think as many factors can delay your project. Surprises and delays can pop up when least expected so we’ve put together a list of factors that are common to cause delays that you should consider to ensure your project can still finish on time. 

1 - The Weather

Weather can be a big factor regardless of what your renovation is. It is best to complete renovations in the warmer months where there is less rain or snow to make it easier to adapt while your home is being renovated.

If you’re renovating your kitchen for example, you can adjust your eating space to grill your food outdoors in the nice weather on the patio rather than going out for dinner most nights that your kitchen is under construction. 

Outdoor projects are also easier and faster to complete in nicer weather because construction teams don’t have to battle wet or frozen ground where they are working. 

However, don’t let the weather deter you from completing your renovation in the months you prefer. We’re able to work around the seasons and can adapt as necessary without letting a few raindrops rain on our parade!

2 - Lack of Scheduling

If your project consists of many contractors, materials, and other moving pieces, you must make sure that everything and everyone is working in tandem with each other. For example, knowing that your shipment of bricks are going to arrive after you've hired a bricklayer. If the arrival of the bricks gets delayed, you'll end up paying the person to stand around and do nothing. Having an organized schedule of contractors and materials helps move a renovation project along smoothly. We named our company Pro-Pack for a reason. Renovations need to have all contractors, services, and materials on the same schedule to ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible.

3 - DIY Errors

With online tutorials nowadays, DIY projects are becoming more and more popular. However, if you try to DIY something that you’re not too familiar with doing, it could end up costing you more money and time. The more complex your home renovation plan is, the more likely it is that you'll need to hire experts to help advise and guide your way, that way you’ll end up with a space and results that you love!

Before you start anything, homes built in 1989 and older (although soon the year will increase to 1991), require asbestos sampling to protect your family and tradespeople working on the project.

4 - Obtaining Permits

Before you start demo and ripping out anything, you may need a permit from your municipality. When you apply for permits, the local building staff will run through your plans. They will make sure that everything complies with the local building code or any other appropriate laws. To avoid any conflict, you will need to plan ahead thoroughly. The time it takes to complete your permit depends entirely on the scope and complexity of your project.

Licensed contractors and design teams can handle the permits for you. They deal with many with many municipalities and know the ins and outs. Best of all, they can answer any questions the city officials may have. We cross our t’s and dot our i’s to make sure all the details for permits are complete the first time so it reduces the likelihood a permit may be denied because of a mistake on the paperwork.

5 - Pre-Existing Conditions

When renovating a house, removing walls or floors, there’s always a possibility that you’ll uncover something you weren’t expecting. This could be things like termites, water damage, and other issues. When these things occur, you must address them as soon as possible. As mentioned, asbestos testing is a must prior to any demo.Our team of experienced contractors know the common areas to check, the proper way to deal with it, licenses the right removal services and makes sure any issues are taken care of safely. In addition, in your planning phase, always have a backup plan or contingency budget for these types of surprises. 

When working with professionals, we have experience and up to date methods to handle and anticipate that can help us determine what we may run into before we even start the project. This helps with the overall plan to make sure we take these issues into account. 

6 - Inexperienced Contractors

There are professional contractors, and then there are the not-so-professional contractors. Having an inexperienced contractor on the job can affect the quality of the work being done and may even lead to having to redo the whole project because plumbing or electrical wasn’t done to code. Your house is a significant investment, so you must select the right contractor. Do background checks and check their reviews from their previous clients before hiring them. It is also important to have all information and details about the project in writing including contracts, completion dates, draw schedules etc.

All the best in your home renovations! Remember, be flexible, set completion dates and have a frank discussion with your contractor about expectations, budgets, completion dates and make sure to get everything in writing, this includes invoices and all conversations whether it be text, email or phone. There is no way to prepare completely when doing renovations. There are ways, with the right planning and an experienced contractor team, to face unexpected surprises together, making the experience smoother and also keep to the deadline. 

We deal with these types of delays everyday so we know how to work our way around them to ensure a project is completed to a high quality while also not affecting the completed date too heavily. We would be a great fit for your next renovation, this experienced team would like to hear from you so call and set up an quote time today!