FRED PINTOS   Kitchen & Bath Architectural Designer


Kitchen & Bath Architectural Designer

Working in this industry over the years and having an architectural background helps me understand how the 3 D drawings work best for the team. The drawings are important as they communicate clients wishes and the desired outcome. With Shelly’s Interior details our clients get all the resources they need but my job is to ensure it can be built by the construction team. Working together with this design through renovation team, the atmosphere brings out the best in me. I love to stay busy, learn new things and create clients unique dream spaces.
— Fred Pintos, Kitchen & Bath, Architectural Designer
CARSON PATTERSON  Construction Manager & Finisher


Construction Manager & Finisher

My goal is to be the best finisher and learn as many skills as it takes to get the job done right. I enjoy planning my day and giving clients updates to the progress on each project. Currently it will be hard to give up working on projects and managing only as I enjoy the hands on work. I really enjoy finishing and celebrating with clients that the project is done correctly and with beautiful results. I have been in this industry, full service design through renovations for over 8 years now. I started after school and weekends to see if this career would be a good fit. Now that I have worked on a multitude of varied projects over the years and found my love for finishing, I look forward to the day when my son can learn these skills too.
— Carson Patterson, Lead Finishes and Project Manager